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How to Find the Best Vintage Rock Tees

Your dad's band shirts are trending! Are you trying to find the best vintage rock tees without raiding your dad's closet? Here are ways to find the best vintage rock t-shirts.

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Making a statement with your clothing can happen a few different ways. You can strut around in brand name labels, most of which you probably cant' afford. You can get knock-offs, which look just as good and support the black market.

Or, you can make that statement in other ways. With some vintage rock tees. You can get band names, famous pubs, and bars, by-gone record stores and so much more.

If you like the look of vintage concert t-shirts, but don't know where to find them, we can help you out. We've put together a list of some easy, helpful places to shop. Leave the labels for the posers.

Where to Find Vintage Rock Tees

Depending on your age, your parents or older siblings might have some old rock concert tee shirts, but they may not want you wearing them. Here are a few places to get you started.

Custom Made

There are specialty shops that will make you a tee of your choice and some that will custom make some to your specifications. They will also have a lot in stock, with many different styles and colors.

You can find authentic prints and styles and some may have other notable events you can get. There are also extra styles and fashions you can like jackets, hats and more.

You may find extra options like silkscreening, embroidery, distressing and even rhinestones. Get one or one hundred. Perfect idea to stand out for your baseball team, some work gifts, or your stag party.

Second Hand

Gently loved clothing is fun, usually cheap and available everywhere.

Secondhand Stores

There is usually no shortage of these types of stores, and they are the perfect place to find vintage tees and so many other rock and concert memorabilia. Take the time to sort through the racks of clothing to see what treasures are just waiting for you.

Check around the store for other items, like hats, belt buckles, even in the book section for old vintage band programs. Even smaller items like key chains, drinking glasses, and lapel pins can be found if you look for them.

Often, these stores are run to support charities within your own community. You can even come in to drop off some of your belongings and leave with some new-found treasures.

Yard Sales

Take note of the yard sale notices in your neighborhood. It is not a big effort to swing by and have a look. Have a thumb through their clothing choices and you may be pleasantly surprised at what may well be on sale for next to nothing.

Same rules as the secondhand store, take your time, look around. There could be posters, hats, clothing and all kinds of items with your favorite band insignia. Often times, when people have a yard sale, they are unloading a lot and it's dirt cheap.

Flea Markets

Miles and miles of treasures await you are the local flea market. It's everything under one roof, so you can enjoy your knish or samosa while you look for the concert items.

One of the nice things about the flea market is that you can find a table with sometimes a few boxes full of vintage tees. They are usually very cheap and you can likely barter to get a better deal, maybe on the whole box.

Old-time Department Stores

Many of the old department stores of our youth are closed or closing. If there are still a few in your neighborhood, go in and see what is there. They often carry all kinds of vintage clothing without calling it vintage.

If they are still around, or closing, take advantage of finding some great merchandise at great prices. Again, there may be more than just clothing, and if you can find a great deal, get as many as you can.


There are multiple places online you can order new and used vintage tees from. These can be custom made or places like online markets where you bid or buy directly from the seller.

It is also a great place to barter, in particular, if you are looking for a certain item, and have a box full of tees from the flea market to barter with. There are also forums where you can strike a deal and get more information.

Head Shops

Not only will your local head shop sell vintage tees but you can find other items you may want with the band logo. They usually carry tees more geared toward their own products, but bands and cannabis have a deep and storied history.

From the Band

Many bands from 20 and 30 years ago are still around, perhaps with a few replacement members, but still touring and going strong. What better way to find the band tee shirt than at their concert.

Of course, the concert tee shirts will be more expensive, but they are authentic and support the band directly. Alos, when someone asked about them you have a way better story than 'yard sale'.

There is always a large selection of merchandise available at concerts, so you can have your choice. You can use these, as well, for bartering to get the vintage tee you really want.

You wear it well

Hopefully, that will help you get started on your search. You shouldn't have a problem finding all kinds of vintage rock tees in many parts of the city. Not only are they available, but you can have a lot of fun finding them.

For custom made or to place an order, contact us for more information and pricing. Contact us if you have a great idea for a custom made tee, as well.

Wear your tees with pride, but here is a tip. Don't just wear it because you think the tee shirt is cool, or all your friends are doing it. Find out about the band, if you don't know who they are.

That way, when you are walking around in your AC/DC tee shirt and someone comments, 'shame about Malcolm', you don't say, 'who?'

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