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Your Guide to the Printed Shirt

The printed shirt will never go out of style. To ensure you're pairing your print shirts well, here's your guide to styling a print shirt.

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Every day, a new fashion trend floods the market. It's tough to keep up.

You've spent plenty of money trying to always look fresh or maybe you're stuck on how to put your best fashion foot forward. Luckily, there's one thing that never goes out of style.

Whether it's a day of running errands in the city or a dinner with your friends, a printed t-shirt will never die. Not only does it live on forever, it can be styled a handful of ways.

So, before you throw out your favorite printed shirt, keep reading to gain new ideas on how to make it look new. There are endless possibilities.

A Casual Day Out

One of the best times for men printed shirts is a day on the town, grabbing a quick bite with the boys or finishing up some errands. Everyone loves comfort, but you can be comfortable and fashionable.

If you're going out to grab a bite to eat, grab your favorite black Star Wars t-shirt. Those faded printed shirts are perfectly paired with a classic denim jean and your favorite pair of sunglasses. Who doesn't love a sharp, nerdy look?

Try a light or even white denim if you're sporting a black or navy t-shirt. If you are rocking a white, gray, or light colored shirt, contrast it with a darker blue or black denim.

Since you are keeping it simple out on the town, throw on a clean pair of Converse or Adidas trainers. These sharp shoes are comfortable, but keep you looking good.

Add Some Layers

If it's a bit chilly outside or you want to release even a little more of your inner grunge, layering with a flannel is always a great idea. Flannel keeps you looking young and shows even more effort was put into the look. You can tie it around your waist if it starts getting warm.

Another great layering technique for a printed shirt is the introduction of a denim jacket. When wearing a denim jacket, make sure the denim contrasts your bottoms. Don't wear a light denim jacket with a light denim jean.

Try a denim jacket over your shirt with a well-fitted khaki or even a pair of chino shorts. If you want to get creative with your shorts, try a flattering maroon shade. It's adding a burst of color without getting too crazy.

If none of the above sounds appealing and you want to remain ultra casual with your printed shirt, try it with a nice fitted jogger pant. The tight ankle will keep you from looking too billowy when paired with a loose shirt.

A Night Out

Your mom probably scolded you a few times in the past for trying to wear a t-shirt to dinner. Luckily, men printed shirts can be perfect for a night on the town.

When sporting a t-shirt out to dinner, the first step to looking good is general grooming. A great t-shirt can pull everything together, but make sure you put effort into everything.

This means wearing cologne, putting time into your hair, and maybe even brushing your teeth before you head out. If you smell great and your hair looks good, you could honestly wear anything and still impress the other men or ladies.

Once your basic hygiene is taken care of, we can move onto the outfit. Throw on a basic t-shirt, one that isn't too colorful but is still cleverly comical and can start a conversation at the bar.

To pair with your printed shirt, try a fitted linen pair of pants. Linen gives you a sleek look while remaining light and easy to move around in. If you like the look of a khaki pant, you can try that as well.

The magic of the nighttime looks comes with a little love and layering. Once you have the shirt and pants good to go, throw on a button down, but leave it unbuttoned.

This will keep you approachable and casual while maintaining a maturity. If it's long-sleeved, you can roll it up a couple times for a quarter-length and then throw on a nice watch to tie it all in.

If it's a short-sleeved button down, you can give the sleeves one nice roll to make yourself look younger.

Accessories Are Your Friend

Like mentioned above, a watch is always a good idea. You have a little more freedom to accessorize at night so maybe even throw on a thin gold chain that hangs slightly over the neck of your t-shirt.

Tip: Jewelry isn't just for women. If you like the chain, you can maybe even try some simple gold rings on your finger or one on ear, a small dangle earring. Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

When it comes to your choice of shoe, try upping your kick game by investing in a tan, low rise leather sneaker. It maintains comfort by being a sneaker, but the leather adds a refreshing look.

Maybe the sneaker isn't doing it for you. Try an ankle boot paired with a tighter fitting denim. To top it all off, add a beanie or wide brim hat to give an indie flair to your outfit.

A Printed Shirt Is a Timeless Piece

As you can see, the combinations you can create around a simple printed shirt are nearly infinite. All it takes is some attention to your closet and refined grooming habits.

Whether you want to stay casual with joggers or spice it up with some linen pants and a cool hat, you can wear the same t-shirt all day in a million different ways. Next time you have a day to experiment, give it a shot.

To keep your t-shirt collection fresh and full of variety, make sure you check out our large collection of shirts you can order. If you need a little extra help on styling your new shirt, hop on over to our blog section for some fun fashion tips.

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