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10 Funny Phrases to Print on Your Bachelorette Party Shirts....

Funny T-Shirts for a Bachelorette Party: What to Print

Funny T-Shirts for Bachelorette Party...

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Who wouldn't want funny t-shirts for their bachelorette party?

The best part about ordering personalized bachelorette party t-shirts is that they can be just that--personalized. You can get t-shirt sayings that match the location of the party, the personalities of the bride and her gals, or what you intend to do (like drink perhaps).

Don't worry. You don't have to spend hours pondering the perfect funny t-shirt prints.

We've got you covered with these 8 hilarious phrases perfect for every type of bride and bachelorette party.

Funny in General

1. I Said Yes! / That's What She Said

This phrase can be printed either with the bride wearing "I said yes!" or simply "yes!" The bridesmaids' shirts would then have "that's what she said."

This phrase is perfect for the bride who grew up in the "that's what she said" era (early to mid-2000s). Or any bride that is fond of The Office, for that matter.

The best part about choosing "that's what she said" is you can use it all night long. Every time the bride says yes to a drink or a dare or what-have-you, the bridal party can scream "that's what she said!"

Everyone will get it. Even guys your dad's age.

2. Nacho Average Bride/Down to Fiesta

Is your bride a taco lover? Is the bachelorette party in a latin or beachy area? If yes, then this phrase is perfect.

With these shirts, you can feature some cute graphics like margarita glasses or sombreros. They will pair perfectly with the actual margaritas you will be drinking or the beach you will be basking in.

3. Raising Hell Before the Bells

Obviously, this phrase isn't for the shy or goody-two-shoes bride and party. But, it makes for funny t-shirts for a bachelorette party.

Whether the party entails going out drinking, shopping, dining, or sporting, this phrase can fit. A bachelorette party can raise hell no matter what the activity.

Plus, it's always fun to rhyme!

4. Hot Mess Express

There are few ways to phrase it. There's [bride's name]'s hot mess express with the bride wearing "my hot mess express" or "conductor of the hot mess express". Another option is for everyone to wear "all aboard the hot mess express".

You can also switch up to and make the maid of honor the "conductor" and the bride the "guest of honor on the hot mess express"; "hot mess express: guest of honor".

These can also be personalized to each bridesmaid based on their relationship to the bride. For example, "sister on the hot mess express".

Like "raising hell", hot mess express can be used for a multitude of activities. I can see these working really well on a kayaking adventure or while running a 5k together.

For the Drinking Crew

5. Pop the Bubbly, I'm Getting a Hubby

Is the bride a champagne lover? If so, she'll love these funny t-shirts.

The bride wears "pop the bubbly, I'm getting a hubby", while the rest of the party wears "pop the bubbly, she's getting a hubby".

If you have southern routes, drop the "g" in "getting" and let some of that southern soul shine. Of course, with these shirts, you will draw champagne toasts left and right.

6. Drunk in Love/ Just Drunk

Drunk in love and just drunk shirts are hilarious and perfect for a bachelorette party that will involve plenty of drinking.

The bride will stand out with her "drunk in love" shirt, which is actually very romantic. And the rest of the party will feel much more relaxed since their shirts put it all out.

These shirts are perfect for that those who don't care what people think and are just ready to have some fun with their favorite ladies.

7. Found Her Hunk So We're Getting Crunk

Do your friends still use the word "crunk" (AKA crazy drunk)? If so, then these are the shirt phrases for you. If not, you can always change "crunk" to "drunk".

The bride will wear "I found my hunk so we're getting crunk".

Like the previous phrase, this choice is good for those who are open and honest about what the night's plans are. And, again, rhyming is always cute.

With these shirts, the party can let loose and blow off some of that wedding planning stress.

8. (Bridesmaid or Bride) May Contain Alcohol

Your bachelorette party shirts will be hilarious with the phrase "may contain alcohol" after the wedding party title. This is a play on those warning labels you see products.

With these shirts, you're making a joke while being completely serious. It doesn't get funnier than that.

For the Destination Parties

9. She Said Yes, We Said [Location]

Having a fun destination bachelorette party calls for some fun shirts to match! This phrase is simple and can be particularly fun for places that are special to the bride and her crew.

For example, the college town you all met in. Destination phrases are also just fun for those places known for bachelorette getaways (Vegas, anyone?).

10. Beachin'/Beach Bride/Babe's/Bach

If you're throwing a bachelorette party somewhere near the sea, then you've got to put those beach vibes on your t-shirts.

"Beachin'" or "beach" can be used in combination with various terms such as "beach bash", "beachin' bride', "beachin' crew", etc. You'll be ready for some fun in the sun and a fruity drink to match your tees.

Design and Order Your Funny T-Shirts Today

There is a funny phrase for every type of bachelorette and her party. Once you've chosen the perfect fit, it's time to order!

Screen printing and embroidering are the best options for bachelorette party funny t-shirts. They are durable, so you won't have to worry about ironed-on letters peeling or sequins falling off. Plus, these options are affordable and timely.

Check out our services and quality product examples. You can use our simple online request a quote form to get a free and quick quote on your bachelorette t-shirts.

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