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9 Ways to Pay Homage to 70's Fashion

70's Clothes: 9 Ways to Pay Homage to the Hippie Era

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The 70's were an adventurous time for the world and this ultimately was translated into fashion. Women and men were ready to stand out, not blend in.

70's clothes said what people were ready to profess: we are cool, funky, and different.

Clothes had colorful patterns, crazy cut-outs, flared edges, and serious length (or the opposite). There was no box to fit 70's clothes into, and that was the point.

From the classic, sleek looks of Jackie Onassis, to the chill band t-shirts of That 70's Show, style ranged drastically from person to person, proving this was a time of experimentation. 70's-era clothing is no exception to the idea that everything comes back around.

Whether you dig into your older sibling's closet or go on a thrift store field trip, we've got a solid nine ways you can find items to fit the timeless trend.

70's Clothes Then and Now

When we think of the fashion of this era, our brains might tend to stick to the stereotypical, or obvious: peace signs, flowers, flowing skirts. And that was there in some cases, but it was also so much more. This era was about being comfortable, while also drawing on the fun that was had with 60's clothing.

Diane Von Furstenberg made a wrap dress in 1974 that wound up selling 5 million in only two years. Quite the opposite, Cher wore revealing two-piece sets that showed her whole stomach. Joni Mitchell represented the chic, hippie lifestyle with her tie-dye prints and calm demeanor.

The options are plentiful and based on creativity. Let's nail down some top picks to bring 70's clothes into your wardrobe.

1. The Wrap Dress

Ah, the renowned wrap dress. Made in 1974 and still respected and worn today. Von Furstenberg wanted to create something with a shape that was easy to manipulate, wrapping around any body type that came into contact with it.

And that she did! The popular dress was made in a number of fabrics, color schemes, and of course, outlandish patterns. Any dress with front or side-ties, short or long, color-blocked or not, paired with simple shoes, will bring you into this style icon's vision.

2. Band T-Shirts

Men and women alike can rock this style. Whether it be a local radio station, a favorite band, club, or television show, put it on a shirt! Print your own or buy one already printed and wear the newness away: the more faded, the better.

Match it with some vertically striped bell bottoms or corduroy jeans and you're groovy to go.

Some of the most iconic band t-shirt suggestions include Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones.

3. Tie-Dye Everything

Okay, okay, we've gotta put this in somewhere! Tie-dye was a staple in the likes of Joni Mitchell and other love children of the 70's.

The greatest part about tie-dye? It's also DIY. You can do-it-yourself at home to any t-shirt in your closet. If your favorite white shirt got a stubborn stain on it this morning, don't throw it in the trash; turn it into a wearable kaleidoscope of color.

4. Big Hair, Big Flare

70's icons like Farah Fawcett reached new heights, literally. Many women followed the trend and began teasing and backcombing every morning to achieve greater volume with their hair.

Pair this with some high-waisted bell bottoms and you're basically stepping out of a time machine. Flares were worn by men and women, on the bottom of their jeans or at the ends of their shirt sleeves.

Fashion isn't just about the clothes, though. Hair was and still is an accessory.

Marie Osmond also did the big hair trend, making her afro resemble the shape of a disco ball quite well. (And maybe that was intentional, as disco was getting bigger with the reign of movies like Saturday Night Fever.)

5. Creative Cut-Outs

While some women were covering up, others were showing skin. Floor-length dresses aren't quite as conservative when they have holes decorating their sides or fronts.

Two-piece sets like Cher's, high slits in skirts, and crop tops are so ingrained in our fashion today, you'd think we started the trend.

6. Long Skirts and Dresses

Maxi skirts and dresses with floor-skimming lengths were comfortable and popular 70's clothes.

Does your favorite skirt fray at the bottom from stepping on it, getting it caught, or sewing on some textured fabric? Even better.

7. Colorful Suits

So you're going to a wedding and you want to look great, but you can't upstage the groom.

Well, just walk into the hall wearing a bright yellow pantsuit with a purple-and-white paisley button-down, and now no one remembers how they got here because they can't stop looking at you.

Put on some disco music and strut your way to the dance floor in any color-blocked outfit with creative additions. There's nothing cool about fifty shades of grey; stand out with ROYGBIV.

8. Denim on Denim

It's hard to believe it's been seventeen years since the beautiful moment when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake stepped out in their coordinated denim outfits. 90's babies everywhere geeked out at the sight of her long, denim skirt and his jean hat.

But they were just bringing back a trend from the past. In the 70's, men and women rocked matching denim sets all the time. Keep your denim in the same hues or mix a dark with a light; it's refreshingly cohesive.

9. Punk Isn't Dead

Punk thrived at the beginning of the 70's with major icons like Vivienne Westwood.

Her clothing was less hippie and more rebel, harnessing the punk energy that lived off of sex and violence. Shops like Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die were opened to balance out all that peace and love.

70's On You

The 70's were so full of creativity and innovation that we are still talking about its fashion trends and style greats today. With no shortage of inspiration to draw from, labels and individuals everywhere are finding themselves shopping for 70's clothes today in the 2000's.

1970's clothing is as vast as the human population. It has spurred years of new trends and brought back many old ones for a second, third, and fourth round. For those that like to be different and stand out from the crowd, don't hesitate to pay homage to this fashionable time.

If you're feeling nostalgic for this classic style, let us know! We're waiting to blast to the past with you.

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