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The Top 80's Fashion Trends and Why They're Making a Comeback

The 80's were an amazing time and the fashion was unique. This makes 80's fashion timeless, so it's understandable why 80's fashion trends are becoming popular again. Here are the top trends and why they're making a comeback.

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It seems like everywhere you look, 90s fashion is making a resurgence. But despite the return of the valley girl look, 80's fashion trends are hanging on strong.

Maybe it's the renewed interest in classic 80's movies that's behind this throwback fashion. Maybe it's the popularity of nostalgia-heavy movies and cartoons like Stranger Things and Care Bears. Whatever it is, we're still totally in love with 80s fashion trends.

If you love John Hughes movies and never quite gave up on Rick Astley (have any of us?), then you're probably a fan of 80's throwback styles.

Luckily for you 80s fashion trends are back. Here are some tips to bring new life to your 80s wardrobe.

Izod Lacoste and Other Name Brands on Your Shirts

There's one consistent trend that carried from the 80s to the 90s. We loved showing off our name brand clothing. For the rich preppy kids, nothing said "I spend my weekends at the country club" like a Lacoste alligator and sweaters around your neck.

Of course, when you wore your name-brand shirts in the 80s, you were a bad guy in a movie about karate kids. Today you probably fished it out of your local second-hand shop. Now you're the creme-de-la-creme of 80s vintage chic.

Shoulder-Pads as the Official 80s Fashion Trend

80s fashion trends were all about that powerful silhouette. As we all know, there's nothing more powerful than looking like you have the shoulders of a linebacker.

Despite becoming the gauche fashion trend of the 80s, shoulder-pads and boxy cuts are making a comeback. Maybe we couldn't handle the power then, but we're ready to try again.


Madonna rocked them, Tom Cruise danced in them, and even Michael Jackson sported them. Ray-ban sunglasses have moved from being a trend into a classic style. You can find Ray-ban look-a-likes in nearly every sunglasses store.

If you still have your old pair from the 80s, fish them out and wear them with confidence.

Fanny-Packs for the Vintage Fashionista on the Go

Another trend that died a humiliating death in the 90s was the fanny pack. These weird neon bags were regulated to the closets of Disney-bound mothers and group tourists.

But in a surprising turn of events, the fanny pack has returned. Although no longer sporty and neon, fanny packs come in more sophisticated fabrics and patterns.

Carrying your leather purse on your shoulder is so 2000s. Wear your pack on your hip to bring back this fabulous 80s style.

Ripped Jeans and Denim Overalls

In response to the power-suit and pastel Izod shirts, 80s kids embraced the worker's fabric of choice: denim.

Denim 80s fashion overalls were a big part of the late 80s. This workers uniform became the fashion trend, along with ripped denim jeans. Nothing says "Take that, Wall-Street power suits!" like a pair of ripped denim jeans.

Bonus points if you still remember how to "peg" your jeans. That style is back too.

Graphic T's

We all love wearing clothing that expresses something we love. At first, printed concert t-shirts were a way of showing off what we loved. Then graphic t-shirts for everything from Mickey Mouse to Coca-Cola became omnipresent in our wardrobes.

Show off your unique 80s throwback fashion with 80s graphic t-shirts. You can also get vintage looking t-shirts that pay homage to your favorite 80s movies or bands.

Wear them under your denim overalls or with your bomber jackets for a casual vintage look.

All That Lace

Lace was a big deal in 80s fashion, and you can thank Madonna for that.

Madonna made this the go-to fabric choice for girls in the 80s with her famous "Like a Virgin" music video. But it wasn't just the graceful look of lace that was attractive. It was that she paired it with a distinctive "Rock and roll don't care" style.

Mix your lace with messy hair, a bold lip color, and big vintage jewelry to emulate the Queen of the 80s.

Customized Denim Jackets

Again, customized worker fashion was a big thing in the 80s. 80s kids liked to show off their unique personality with denim jackets that were highly decorated.

Today, with the overwhelming presence of the internet and style bloggers, people are still very interested in customized clothing. There's nothing easier than buying an 80s vintage denim jacket and decorating it with patches, pins, and drawings.

Doc Martens and Vans

Doc Martens and Vans were the go-to shoes for the punk and grunge kids of the 80s. Although we haven't seen them back in the mainstream until recently, did they ever really go away? Considering their continued presence in skater culture and rave-wear, it's a safe bet that these shoes are still a part of the rebellious uniform.

Members Only Jackets

Members Only racer jackets and leather coat were omnipresent in 80s fashion trends. Their classic cut and durability made them a fashionable accessory for men and women.

In fact, Members Only is still alive and well. That's more than most other 80s brands can say. You can buy a new Members Only coat, but it might be easier and cheaper to see what's in your vintage store.

Spandex By Any Other Name

We used to make fun of 80s fashion trends all the time because of how much spandex there was. But can we really scoff at them anymore?

After all, we may no longer wear spandex, but Athleisure is an acceptable way of dressing today.

Whether you're wearing spandex or yoga pants, this trend makes you look way more active than you probably are.

Looking for More 80's Fashion Trends?

Even though we have the internet and mobile phones we can fit in our pockets, the 80s were pretty cool. They lived in a world of power suits and total ignorance about the Star Wars prequels.

If you're an 80s fashionista and you want to explore more cool styles, check out our website for vintage t-shirts.

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