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Top 6 Vintage Shirts You'll Love

Vintage shirts are in right now. Here are 6 you'll love.

The demand for vintage clothing is at an all-time high. The resale industry has been growing by 7% over the last couple of years, and it's not likely to slow down soon.

The trend of buying and selling vintage clothing has also been encouraged by the internet. Through outlets like eBay, Depop, and Etsy, users have access to millions of different styles at the click of a mouse.

Many of the shirts on shelves and in online stores today draw inspiration from old designs. With every piece of vintage clothing comes a unique story, making it more special and personal.

Between the interesting stories and the designs themselves, it's no wonder some shirts become icons in modern society.

Check out our list of six vintage shirts that you'll love.

The Rolling Stones Logo

Some of the most popular vintage shirts today are band merchandise. Of those bands, few reached the same level of visual recognition as the Rolling Stones.

Not only was the English rock band's music deeply influential to modern culture, but so was their logo. The iconic tongue and lips logo has appeared on the band's album and promotional materials. But its place on t-shirts has truly transcended music culture.

While the logo has been used many different ways throughout the band's career, none were as impactful as the tongue and lips on their own. It's in some ways symbolic, representing where the band began and where they are now.

The Rolling Stones' tongue and lips logo shirt will forever be an important piece of music history.

The Polo Bear

There are few menswear brands that have achieved acclaim like Ralph Lauren. While the polo-playing logo is interesting, it doesn't compare to the brand's lovable Polo Bear, which first appeared on a knit sweater back in 1991.

In the late '80s, Ralph Lauren received a teddy bear dressed in a Polo outfit as a gift from his design team. The bear soon began being sold in stores as gifts for customers and their families. And thus, the brand's unofficial mascot was born.

Since the bear has appeared on countless pieces of clothing wearing different costumes. But it all started with the knit sweater. Not only are these vintage shirts difficult to find, but their value has only increased with time.

The Dream Team

The 1992 Summer Olympics is forever remembered by many for the brilliance that was the Men's U.S. Basketball Team. Appropriately nicknamed the "Dream Team," the basketball team that year consisted of some of the sport's legends, including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, and many more.

What better way to remember this team than a sweet shirt featuring the roster?

The Dream Team has been described by many as the "greatest sports team ever assembled." Can you blame them? From top to bottom, the team radiated with talent.

The caricature-style drawings on the shirt show each player in all their glory. This shirt stands as an essential piece to any sports fan's collection.

Very rarely have you seen a team that made such an impact. These vintage shirts are the ultimate way to share your love for basketball AND patriotism at the same time.

The NYC Tourist

New York City has always helped a reputation for attracting tourists. And because of it, there has always been an endless supply of tourist t-shirts. But why is this one special?

In 1974, rock legend John Lennon was photographed wearing the shirt with the city's skyline in the background. The shirt was purchased from the street by photographer Bob Gruen. The sleeves were later removed to make Lennon look tougher.

After the photo surfaced, others sought out the shirt to replicate the look.

Today, you can find duplicates of the shirt floating around the internet. Who would have guessed a cheap souvenir could have evolved into an icon like that?

The Smiley Face

Of all the vintage shirts on the planet, this may be the most iconic. The smiley face has become a regular image in our daily lives, even playing a part in some our conversations. The image appeared on t-shirts throughout the '70s, helping to bring it to popularity.

The smiley face was believed to have been first created by Harvey Ball in 1963. But because the image wasn't copyrighted by Harvey, it became easy to replicate. That's when Bernard and Murray Spain took the smiley face and began creating merchandise with the phrase "have a nice day" tacked below it.

The smiley face has since carried its meaning through time, standing as a symbol of positivity to all.

Unfortunately, the Murray brothers' original shirts are not easy to find today. However, replications of the design can be found at the click of the button.

The Nirvana Smiley

While the original Murray brothers may have been some of the first to print the smiley face on merchandise, they won't be the last. In fact, some have even altered the image to create new meanings. A famous example of this is Nirvana.

The '90s grunge icons took the positive symbol and turned it into something new.

The Nirvana smiley has become an iconic symbol in its own way. At this point, nearly every teenager has either owned a shirt with the smiley on it or avoided the weirdo at school who wore one. Either way, Nirvana adopted the symbol and made it their own.

To this day, the shirt can be found in nearly any store that sells clothing. The shirt's popularity is a testament to the legacy the band left behind.

While it may not be the rarest Nirvana shirt out there, it very well may be the most recognizable.

The World of Vintage Shirts

Vintage shirts bring a unique flair to your wardrobe. Not only do they look cool, but they carry a history that you won't find at any other clothing store.

The vintage look has made a comeback in today's fashion world. But getting your hands on truly vintage items can be difficult and pricey.

If you're looking to make some shirts with that retro feel, contact us to see how we can help you bring your vision to life.

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