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Why Graphic Tees are Perfect for Your Teen

Are you keeping up with the latest trends? Graphic tees for women are in-style this season. Here's why they're perfect for your teen.

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The graphic tee made its debut in 1939. Where? Where else, then in the wonderful world of Oz. Three men--draped in emerald t-shirts reading the city's name--are seen wearing them while restuffing the Scarecrow.

But a lot has changed for this fashion staple over the last eighty years.

I guarantee anyone who's anyone has been seen wearing, as well as seen on, a graphic t-shirt: David Bowie, Madonna, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, The Spice Girls, One Direction, etcetera.

My point is this: graphic tees for women belong in the same category as little black dresses, pencil skirts, dark wash jeans, black high heels, and a great blazer.

They are timeless.

For all of you of 12 to 16-year-olds who aren't quite old enough to still sleep in their favorite band tee from college [sans you teenagers with time machines], please give me five minutes to tell you why graphic tees are not a want but a need for your closet.

There are Infinite Graphic Tees for Women Out There

I just Googled the first idea that came to my head for a graphic tee idea: hot dog and a bun.

Now there were over 6 million results, but my first point is this: graphic tees for women are so popular, that if you want one with a hot dog, well girl, you are going to get one.

But I mean the options are really limitless. Let's say you like a really niche movie, or a really specific band, or you just cannot get enough of cubism. There are graphic tees for women that fit all of those needs.

For example, not to call out my nerdism (too late), but I really love to read, and so a lot of my t-shirts are just book covers that someone screen printed on to a t-shirt.

With 2 billion sold every year, there is something that expresses your style and your hobbies.

One Day You are Going to Get Old

I wish I were kidding, but I am not. One day, you are on your Sidekick learning how to do this hip new thing called "texting," and then you look up from your screen and you're thirty (which is pretty cool (tbh)).

You are going to want to have memories: of runs, of fundraisers, of concerts you weren't supposed to, but you went to anyway, of plays you were regrettably in, of sports teams you were on, of solar eclipses you saw, and all of these memories go just as fast as they came.

It is nice to have something to remember them by, and often, whether it is on your high track team or in your sorority or your chess club: a lot of the things you are a part offer graphic tees for women and men to buy as keepsakes. Buy them and keep them.

My prom and homecoming dresses? Donated years ago.

The only math club graphic tee made for a woman the year I graduated from high school? Still fits like a glove.

Trust me; those tees will become your memories (or memor-tees).

They Never Go Out of Style

I am 100% serious about this. I know I said it before, but it is worth saying twice.

Graphic tees never ever go out of style.

Go ahead and Google any band or person that tickles your fancy and the phrase "graphic tee" and you will see: photos of them on graphic tees, photos of them in them, or photos of them in one of themselves.

Vogue announced them to be "all the rage" at fashion September of 2017.

So not only are they ageless, but they are couture while doing it.

Graphic T-Shirts are Art

There is a lot of work that goes into designing t-shirts. From the actual artist sitting down themselves and designing the pieces to that pice being made into a workable graphic to the fabric being selected to all the work that comes with screen printing and embroidery: you would be amazed at how much time goes into making all of these handcrafted shirts.

I mean sure, it isn't a hand-beaded silk dress, but these beauties can take a lot of time, and there is something to be appreciated about that.

Retro is back

Vintage-inspired shoes and clothing make up an annual $17 billion market in the United States.

And there is a good reason for that: wearing clothes that were popular before you were born is hip again.

I recently had a seventeen-year-old tell me, "I am so jealous of you. I wish I could have been raised in the 90s."

Well, sorry that you couldn't, Pumpkin, but hey, at least you can dress like me. Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Tori Amos, and Fiona Apple T-shirts are all yours with a click of a button.

And you all know you do not just have to use the internet to find some awesome and totally rad graphic tees.

Thrifting is most definitely an option where a lot of people live, and you could find some graphic t-shirts that look like they are from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, because they totally are.

Groovy, man, groovy.

Listen to Coco...

One of Coco Chanel's most famous quotes is, "Fashion changes, but style endures."

The graphic tee has been a style that has endured a fashion lifetime almost as long as its very own existence.

And why is that? Well, because not only does it allow you to be yourself and express yourself with the things you love, the music you adore, the actors and actresses you are enamored with, the memories you wish to find yourself cuddled in...

No, it is also a beacon of comfort. Something you can put on with a tulip skirt and be ready to go out for the night or something you can put on with yoga pants and get ready for a night in.

Graphic Tees are timeless because more than any other piece of women's clothing you can make it your very own, and that, above all else is why we love them so.

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